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Supplement existing grid power to save costs.

The Kestrel grid-connected solution allows customers to utilise the available renewable energy sources as well as the standard electrical grid while eliminating the expense of electricity storage devices.

Our grid-connected system powers homes, schools, and businesses with renewable energy during those periods when wind is available. Any excess electricity produced is then fed back into the grid.

When renewable resources are unavailable, electricity from the grid will supply the energy needed, thus eliminating the expense of electricity storage devices like batteries and increasing energy independence.

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The main benefits of our grid-connected solution include:

  • Consistent energy supply
  • Reduction in electricity accounts
  • Turbines are certified through MCS/SWCC
  • Operates in wind speeds in excess of 200km/h
  • Very low maintenance
  • System can be backed up by a UPS

Energy Requirements:

We are compiling the energy requirements for this solution.  No data is displaying currently.

Our grid-connected solution has the following key features:

  1. A unique grid-tie inverter is used to synchronise the varying voltage from renewable resources with a stable grid supply.
  2. Sophisticated algorithms ensure that the renewable energy generated is optimally used.
  3. The grid-tie inverter ensures network safety even if the grid fails or becomes unstable.
  4. The ability to feed back excess energy into the grid.
  5. The grid-connected system can also be connected to a battery back-up in the case that the grid itself fails and operates as a back-up system.

The Kestrel grid-connected solution has a wide range of potential uses. From providing renewable energy for household lighting and appliances to providing power for back-up systems, especially where grid electricity is unstable.

Currently, our grid-connected system is being used to supplement power for households and corporate head offices and to provide support for rural schools. It is also being used as a back-up power supply for IT and computer systems.

The Kestrel grid-connected solution is available in e300i (1KW) and e400i (3kW) 250Vdc system sizing.

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