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Deliver water where it matters most.

The Kestrel water pumping solution is one of the latest, must-have farming tools in South Africa, delivering up to 3 600 litres of water per hour (head-dependant). It is a cost-effective and versatile option for pumping water in areas where grid electricity is unavailable or unstable, providing efficient water delivery from a wind speed of just 3m/s.

The Kestrel water pumping solution is powered by wind or a combination of wind and solar. It uses the electricity generated by these renewable energy sources to deliver up to twice the water volume of a traditional mechanical windmill.

While mechanical windmills are placed directly above the well, in a design where wind is the preferred resource, the Kestrel water pumping system can be placed where the wind resource is maximised.

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The main benefits of our water pumping solution include:

  • Delivers up to 2500 litres/hour
  • Heads up to 250m
  • More than 400 installations
  • Adaptable to your current windmill tower
  • Very low maintenance
  • Wind alone or wind/solar combination

Our water pumping solution also delivers the following advantages:

  1. It is cost-effective.
  2. It uses electricity generated by wind rather than a mechanical solution.
  3. It generally delivers up to twice the water volume compared to the traditional solution.
  4. It can be placed where wind availability can be maximized and not over the borehole as in the traditional solution.
  5. It will efficiently deliver water from a wind speed as low as 3m per second. (Head dependent)
  6. The pump controller optimizes the available energy and therefore no other controllers are required.

The Kestrel water pumping system includes the following items:

  • 1kW Wind Turbine 80Vdc
  • Grundfos Pump
  • SABS approved, Galvanized, 12m Monopole Tower
  • Float Switch and CU200 Controller (if level control is required)
  • Pump Interface Box with Genset Change Over Switch

Depending on the location, depth of the well or borehole, and the water volume required, there are several systems available to maximise the amount of water delivery.

The Kestrel water pumping solution is available in e300i (1kW) 80Vdc system and e400i (3kW) 110Vdc system. 

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Water Requirements:

Maximum water delivery/hour 600 litres 1200 litres 2500 litres
Head up to 120 meters up to 200 meters up to 130 meters up to 250 meters up to 60 meters up to 120 meters
Pump Selection Sqflex 0.6-2 Sqflex 0.6-3 Sqflex 1.2-2 Sqflex 1.2-3 Sqflex 2.5-2 Sqflex 2.5-2
Turbine Requirement e300i 80Vdc   e300i 80Vdc e400i 110Vdc e400i 110Vdc e300i 80Vdc 


All Kestrel water pump systems are compatible with solar too. The controller is prewired to take power from both wind and solar to power the pump.

Each system is made up of the following core components:

We have also created a Windmill Adaptor that is suitable for any four-leg windmill tower, which will save our customers a significate amount of money (Ts & Cs apply).