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Achieve an autonomous base station.

Kestrel’s telecommunications solution utilises a multiple power source hybrid system to create energy-efficient and autonomous telecommunication base stations.

The Kestrel Multiple Power Source Hybrid System uses unique technologies to maximise efficiency and output. Multiple power sources are advantageous, particularly in off-grid systems, as they increase reliability. Many telecommunications sites utilising this system have a zero-failure rating and are completely autonomous.

Kestrel’s success and experience in the telecommunications industry have made us the off-grid specialists of choice for reliability and low maintenance.

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The main benefits of our telecommunication solution include:

  • No human interaction
  • Less downtime at repeater station/cell phone station
  • Very low maintenance
  • The advantage over solar is the wind turbine’s footprint
  • Low likelihood of theft
  • Low fuel usage from the generator
  • Reduction in battery size
  • Low likelihood of theft
  • Operates in wind speeds in excess of 200km/h

Our telecommunication solution also delivers the following advantages:

  1. Significantly reduces the reliance on diesel and its associated storage and transport costs.
  2. Increased reliability and maximum efficiency.
  3. A comprehensive, intelligent control system, which allows compatibility between wind turbines and solar systems.
  4. The unique Kestrel wind turbine technology with the following advantages over other wind turbines, which maximizes output in all wind regimes:
  • The passive, patented pitch control which eliminates wind turbine over-speeding without cut-out.
  • An aerofoil blade system which enhances energy capture.
  • Industry-leading low wind performance and cut-in wind speed.
  • Axial flux technology for better generator thermal management and output.

Each Kestrel telecommunications system is precisely matched to requirements, based on the available natural resources. The system maximises efficiency and energy output for telecommunications whilst minimising the necessary outlay, making system set-up and installation more cost-effective.

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Energy Requirements:

The following is available

Turbine 12Vdc 24Vdc 48Vdc
e230i  x  x  x
e300i    x  x