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About Us

Who We Are

Kestrel is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions for the local and global markets. Using wind power, solar power, or a combination of both, we provide opportunities to access electricity and water in areas where these resources are overpriced, unreliable or unavailable.

Since 2006, the Kestrel range of micro wind turbines has been designed and manufactured in our ISO-certified, world-class manufacturing facility, based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We manufacture according to various international recognised quality standards.

The Kestrel brand forms part of the broader Eveready group of companies. Benefiting from Eveready’s extensive and accredited engineering and manufacturing capacity, this product’s unique patented design has resulted in its global recognition and certification. The development of Kestrel's micro wind turbines is also supported by Eveready’s extensive engineering, research and development, and testing facilities.

Kestrel Renewable Energy projects have been implemented globally. Recent international certification enables our customers to access various rebate and tariff reduction programs from systems installed by registered and accredited agents.

What We Do

Kestrel offers full renewable energy solutions for household, agricultural, telecommunication, education, rural, and corporate applications. We design, manufacture, install and maintain these renewable energy solutions.

Our solutions integrate solar, wind, and other technologies to provide the power that meets our customers’ energy needs. We primarily use three main sources of power. This includes wind power (through our range of small wind turbines), solar power (through high-quality solar power panels), and hybrid power (a combination of our small wind turbines and solar power panels).

Every solution design requires a unique approach depending on the available renewable resources and existing power sources. At Kestrel, we pride ourselves on our ability to assess the available resources and provide an optimal turnkey solution that meets your needs.

How We Work

Energy assessments are first conducted by our sales consultants to determine the correct combination of renewable energy technologies. Upon acceptance of the quote, Kestrel Renewable Energy’s turnkey solutions are then designed and installed by our experienced teams of engineers, electricians, and technicians.

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