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Our Solutions

Kestrel Renewable Energy offers a wide range of renewable energy solutions for customers worldwide. This includes our off-grid, grid-connected, telecommunication, and water pumping solutions.

Our Solutions

We design, manufacture, install and maintain the following four renewable energy solutions, which find use in household, agricultural, telecommunication, education, rural, and corporate applications

Water Pumping Solution

Kestrel’s water pumping solution is designed to deliver water where it matters most, especially for farms, communities, and schools in rural areas where grid electricity is unreliable or unavailable.

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Grid-Connected Solution

Our grid-connected solution is designed to supplement existing grid power, ideal for customers who want a reliable source of alternative energy alongside the convenience of a grid connection.

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Off-Grid Solution

Kestrel’s off-grid solution uses a combination of renewable energy sources and technologies to offer customers an independent, efficient, and cost-effective source of power.

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Telecommunication Solution

Kestrel’s telecommunication solution systematically reduces diesel consumption by telecommunication operators and ensures energy-efficient base stations through the use of multiple renewable energy technologies.

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How We Provide These Solutions

Kestrel's solutions integrate wind, solar, and other technologies to provide the power that meets our customers’ energy needs. We primarily use three main sources of power, as follows.

Wind Power

Kestrel manufactures a range of small wind turbines rated at 600W, 800W, 1kW, and 3.5kW. Because of their robust construction and unique engineering, Kestrel turbines have proven to be the product of choice for our renewable power solutions.

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Solar Power

The sun is an abundant energy source all around the world. Kestrel utilises high-quality, reliable solar panels for installations of our off-grid, grid-connected, telecommunication, and water pumping solutions.

Hybrid Power

Kestrel's hybrid power solutions comprise of a wind turbine and solar panel hybrid solution, as well as a battery bank and power management solution. All these elements work together to provide a more consistent year-round supply of energy.

How to Choose the Best Solution for Your Needs

There are a few things to consider when choosing a renewable energy solution. For example, the area in which you reside plays a very important role in determining whether to install an off-grid or grid-connected solution.

Every system design requires a unique solution depending on the available renewable resources and existing power sources. We pride ourselves on our ability to assess the available resources and provide an optimal turnkey solution that meets your needs.

Finance options are also available for our South African customers through Nedbank.

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