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Wind Turbines

Kestrel manufactures a range of small wind turbines rated at 600W, 800W, 1kW, and 3.5kW. Because of their robust construction and unique engineering, Kestrel turbines have proven to be the product of choice for off-grid, grid-connected, telecommunications, and water pumping solutions.

The Kestrel range of micro wind turbines are internationally recognised and certified, and have been manufactured in our ISO-certified world-class manufacturing facility in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, since 2006. We are proud to have completed over 2 000 successful installations worldwide.

Kestrel strives to produce micro wind turbines that are reliable and have a minimal maintenance schedule. We also place great emphasis on excellent customer service and are committed to establishing good relationships with all our product users.

Kestrel’s patented pitch control

Part of Kestrel’s leading-edge technology is the patented pitch control of our wind turbines, whereby the blade pitch angle changes in high wind speeds. This feature is critical in high wind areas as the blade rotor does not turn out of the wind or furl as in most fixed blade designs. As the blades’ pitch angle changes, maximum power continues to be produced and the thrust force on the turbine is reduced.

The same system is used on the Kestrel e230i, e300i, and e400nb wind turbines.

Kestrel’s range of micro wind turbines

View our complete range of micro wind turbines below.