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Kestrel in Barbados

INSTALLATION DATE: 01 January 2012

Region: Christ Church, Barbados
Installed By: Winsol Barbados

Kestrel e400 installed as part of the residential hybrid off gird renewable energy system with 4.32kWp of Solar PV, 740AmpHr of battery capacity, and operated using SMA Sunny Island 4000TL, Sunny Island 5048 and Windy Boy 3600TL, along with a Sunny Webbox for monitoring and reporting. Property also features solar powered domestic water pressure boosting and a Solar Powered surface pump filtering a swimming pool powered by 720Wp of solar PV.

The addition of the Kestrel e400 small wind turbine changes the paradigm at the property from having energy independence 65~75% of the time, with the intervals being provided by grid interconnection, to the property being self-sufficient. Typical domestic electrical loads range from a base load of 600W to 1.4kW, with peak loading due to cooking using an electric oven to 4.5kW.

Combined with the Kestrel e400, the SMA inverters maintain domestic power supply reliably and without disruption