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FAQ - Kestrel Wind Turbines

All Kestrel generators are sealed units which behave similarily to a Faraday cage, protecting the inner-mechanism from outside interference. The chance of induced lightning damage is minimised when the turbine is properly mounted on the tower, all cables are inside the tower and the tower and turbine are properly earthed to ground. In addition, standard lightning protection modules can be installed at the tower base and at the input to the electronics.

Yes, Kestrel has issued a maintenance schedule and manual, also we are happy to advise you on the best methods of caring for your turbine.

The e220, e300i and e380i do have a pitch brake to stop the machine in any wind condition, for maintenance etc. This pitch brake is used in conjunction with a turbine shorting switch.

Remember that the e380i is a 3kW machine. All Kestrels can be used in gridtie applications. Kestrel has patented a voltage limiter that allows most proprietary gridtie inverters to be used. At this time, Kestrel is setting up a test site with an SMA Windyboy inverter range.

Once again e380i, with a rated output of 3kW. The e380i will start up at ?2,5m/s. After starting, it will continue to produce power at wind speeds over 2m/s, as wind speeds below 2m/s are not worth harvesting.

Depending on the model, rotation speed varies between 500 and 1000 rpm. For detailed specifications please refer to the downloadable brochures.

Cut-in speeds start at 2m/s and do not exceed 2.8m/s

The e160i (600W), e230i (800W),e300i (1kW) and e400i (3.5kW). To give you an idea of their capability, these diagrams show the total number of appliances and time used for each turbine in the Cape Town, Saldanha Bay, Malmesbury and Paarl area. This is also the reason we need your location when you contact us. e160i e230i e300i e400i 2000 Wh per day 3500 Wh per day 6000 Wh per day 17500 Wh per day *pictures are clickable

The tail on a Kestrel turbine makes sure that your turbine always faces into the wind.

?There is no cut-out wind speed. The e160i, e230i, e300i, e400i are designed to produce full power in any wind above 12m/s.

The turbine has a design life of 15 years.

A survival speed of 60m/s is catered for in the design. The e220, e300i and e380i blades are pitch controlled and therefore shed high wind loading.?

Kestrel offers a 2 year warranty on every product, but can be extended on request up to 5 years.

All Kestrel turbines are designed to comply with IEC61400-2 (the new international standard for small-scale wind turbines), which will help to further ensure the quality of our turbines) and the European CE requirements. In an effort to attain these certifications a small wind farm is being built on site in order to accurately log the output from Kestrel's range of turbines. In addition, application is being made for listing with the new Microgeneration Certification Scheme that has replaced the Clear Skies accreditation.

Kestrel has a tower range for each turbine: free-standing towers at 6m, 9m or 12m; guyed towers at 6m, 9m or 12m; scissor towers at 6m, 9m or 12m for the e150, e220 and e300i as well as new tripod towers at 12m, 15m or 18m for the e300i and e380i. See our Tower page.