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FAQ - Water Pumping

With the installation of a multiple point selector switch, more than one pump can be run at different intervals from the same turbine."

Yes it can, but due to the fact that it is driven by wind, and is not a constant, the area irrigated will vary from time to time. The Kestrel water pumping system is mainly used for moving water from one point to another.

No, the water pump turbine is rated for the pump and not for battery charging. In this instance we would use a different voltage turbine to charge the batteries and then the same inverter used to power e.g. out buildings, servants quarters, will be used to drive the pump.

There are multiple conditions that determine the water delivery rate. For example: Depth of water Height of delivery point above bore hole Distance between bore hole and delivery point Thickness of pipe Average wind speed These criteria are also used to determine the pump to be used and whether a 1kW or 3kW turbine is needed to drive the system.

Different off-grid and grid connected systems have been installed at homes across the globe. A few things to consider when installing a renewable energy system at your home: Your location is very important when you are considering installing a renewable energy system. There must be no significant nearby obstructions like trees or buildings on your property as these are likely to reduce wind speed and increase turbulence. System installation normally requires permission from the local authority, so it's important to always check with your local authority about planning issues before you have a system installed. An EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) is needed when installing a turbine of 15 metres or higher.

No, the turbine can be placed where the wind is more predominant.

The following is included: 1kW 80V Kestrel wind turbine 12m galvalnised and SABS approved monopole tower Grundfos water pump Kestrel water pump interface box 100m submersible cable Earthing spike Full installation and commissioning A 5 year warranty that covers all parts

Our wind turbine product range consists of the following: e160i (600 watt) e230i (800 watt) e300i (1000 watt) e400n (3500 watt)?

The Kestrel control box makes provision for a change over switch in which a generator can be used to drive the water pump when no wind is available. With this system you are able to pump water 24hrs per day without changing or switching over couplings or pipe connections.

Renewable energy can be used in different applications: Off grid systems: used in locations where the national grid is not available e.g. farms and rural communities (view/download the off grid brochure) Grid connected systems: used to supplement grid power e.g. domestic and commercial use (view/download the grid connected brochure) Water pumping systems: used to move water e.g. from a borehole to a reservoir (view/download the water pumping brochure)

Kestrel Renewable Energy is backed by Eveready (Pty) Ltd. South Africa?s iconic battery brand. Kestrel wind turbines are locally manufactured at the Eveready factory in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Our world class manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. We have sold over 600 turbines worldwide. Our turbines are the first in its class to be UK (MCS) and USA (conditional SWCC) certified.?