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New look for Kestrel Wind Turbines

Date: 30 August 2007

Kestrel is rolling out a new look across the company. All beginning with bringing Kestrel and Eveready closer together, the logos were married in the new layout. The new look is the beginning of a strength to strength strategy that looks to fully integrate Kestrel Wind Turbines into the Eveready way of life. The logo update replaces the Kestrel bird emblem that represented the development goals of Kestrel. That time has passed for the company and is now moving forward with a new phase in quality and testing.

Streamlining the co-operative relationship between Eveready and Kestrel will help Kestrel to better put quality standards and assurances into place and ensure the company can offer an improved product more efficiently. It also reflects the fact the company is part of Eveready (Pty) Ltd, the only battery manufacturer in South Africa. The move is in line with the growing small wind turbine markets and increased competition. Kestrel’s commitment to excellent customer service remains. The company is keeping all its distributors informed while the company makes modifications to the product range, names and looks.

Kestrel’s new look will be visible on its turbines as of September 2007 and onwards. The tail and nosecone are sky blue, and within the SADC region the one side of the tail is branded Eveready and the other, Kestrel, whilst the international market tails are blue with Kestrel branding only. In a recent study called ‘The Landscape Impact and Visual Design of Wind Farms’ by Caroline Stanton, it was stressed that the blades, nacelle, and tower should all appear the same colour. Furthermore, Stanton discourages splashing brand names or logos on the side of nacelles; the claim is that this too accentuates a wind turbine's individual components (rotor, nacelle and tower) at the expense of ‘a harmonious whole’.

In line with this and other factors, Kestrel has maintained the harmonious whole, the blades and nacelle remain white. Whilst any other protruding parts of the aerodynamic design has been coloured sky blue in order to make them appear subtler. The new tails and nosecones will present a consistent and quality look and feel to the whole Kestrel product range. The new look reinforces Kestrel as the provider of a complete range of small wind turbines in South Africa that provides power, quality and affordability in both business and private markets.

Sharad Saxena, Kestrel's Managing Director outlined "We are committed to providing an efficient and cost effective alternative to fossil fuel-based power which helps people to participate in the evolution of power usage in the world, as we all become more energy efficient and greener". The new look is designed to reinforce the quality and innovation of the products in offering viable small scale renewable generation systems. Kestrel, and its dealers, delivers a complete portfolio of accessible packaged solutions for developing renewable energy. For more information on Kestrel products please refer to the FAQ page or contact Kestrel directly.

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