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Kestrel attends African Power Congress

Date: 17 April 2007

Let us talk problems. Global warming has become the most important topic that has already started affecting everyone’s life including the climatic changes that are most visible. Carbon emission has become a key concern to be managed and all the thermal or fossil fuel stations are under severe pressure to improve their waste management system. Now, let us talk solutions. Wind Power seems to be the right solution, addressing most of the current issues of present power generation options.

Kestrel the Company
Kestrel Wind Turbines is a subsidiary of power specialist Eveready (Pty) Ltd., under the name Eveready Diversified Products (Pty) Ltd. trading as Kestrel. Their commitment to ‘Power for Life’ has brought power to life through the development of sophisticated small turbines that efficiently yield enough energy to be used in households and small business. This live energy is developed, designed and manufactured in the Port Elizabeth factory with the same passion and commitment that they have invested in batteries. The products of Kestrel Wind Turbines are distributed through a network of key partners locally in South Africa and SADC Countries as well as around the world, including Hong Kong, France, US, the United Kingdom and India. All of the distributors and dealers of Kestrel machines are trained to support all the requirements of the customers.

Kestrel Wind Turbines believe in a cleaner, greener earth through the harnessing of the natural resource of air. Its renewable energy system (wind turbine) consists of a generator, a regulator and a tower. In addition, batteries may also be used to store the power as optional add-ons and at the owner’s convenience. For overseas requirements, a high voltage grid-tie version is also available. The Grid-tie inverter links the system to the national Power Grid enabling applications to reverse the power into the Grid in case of an “overflow” of power. It also allows supplementing the power available from the Grid if needed over and above what is available through the Wind Turbine.

Harvesting Air
Kestrel Wind Turbines has four products that range from a power output of 600 watts to 3000 watts. They generate power through advanced axial flux alternator technology. The blades of the turbines are made of full aerofoil that ensures their durability and longevity. The larger three turbines use pitch control whilst the smallest self-regulates and are virtually noiseless. They are efficient, non-invasive and convenient to personal and business users. These machines deliver various DC Voltages (from 12 volts to 48 volts) that may be used to charge batteries or get connected to the load through inverters and are also available in high voltage configurations (200 Volts DC). Consistent quality and availability are the key attributes of these machines.

We, at Eveready-Kestrel, hope to provide a clean solution to our power needs, as a global nation, at a reasonable cost and we will keep adding products to meet the power requirements of future. Our goal is eternal energy from the earth for the earth. If you have any questions, please join us in our exhibition booth. We hope you enjoy the Africa Power Congress and Exhibition.

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