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Consider Water Pumping as a Drought Solution

Water irrigation system on farm. Water irrigation system on farm.
Date: 25 February 2016

Since around October 2015, South Africa has been gripped by its worst drought in decades. This is due to the El Nino weather phenomenon being particularly devastating this season and at its worst in 50 years.

The drought we are in the midst of is on its way to being declared a national disaster, with people, businesses, agriculture and even nature bearing the brunt of it.

Besides the people of South Africa having to undergo strict water restrictions; raging fires and the suffering of agricultural farmersí produce and crops are also major side-effects. The rise in cattle deaths and the lack of sufficient rainfall have resulted in a large, disastrous impact on our food security. The fresh produce farms in South Africa have been so badly affected, that as of January 2016, it was reported that over 7 million tons of maize had to be imported.

In the 2016 Budget Review speech on 24 February 2016, Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, revealed that R1 billion would be aided for the drought relief. This money will be divided between various departments to ensure efficient drilling of more boreholes, moving cattle herds to state farms, providing people with safe drinking water and the distribution of animal feed Ė to name a few.    


How Kestrelís Water Pumping Solution can help


Farms and rural communities can benefit greatly from our water pumping system that we offer here at Kestrel. Having a water pumping system means that farmers will be able to make use of their irrigation systems and provide water for their growing fresh produce and for their cattle. Just one Kestrel Water Pumping System can make a noticeable different to a community, as most systems are able to pump out thousands of litres of water Ė something that is very much treasured in this time of crises.

Kestrelís system includes:

         1 KW wind turbine 80 VDC

         Float switch

         Grundfos pump

         CU2000 controller

         SABS-approved galvanised 12m mono pole tower

         10102 breaker box   


To find out what the other benefits of investing in Kestrelís water pumping solutions are; and to find out what the requirements are, click here .


For more information on our water pumping systems, please contact Kestrel on 041 401 2500 or contact Leon Gouws on 041 401 2562.

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