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Reap the Benefits from Kestrelís Water Pumping Solutions

Date: 9 December 2015

Over the past few years, water as a resource has become more and more precious as it dwindles down and becomes more limited. Currently, parts of South Africa are experience a dreadful drought, which is resulting in water restrictions coming into action in various parts of the country.

Whether thereís a drought or not, farming and rural communities can all benefit from water pumping solutions Ė and Kestrel has that to offer. A water pump is ideal for these communities that need to rely on this type of water source or that have irrigation systems on their farms, as it works by pumping water into a tank or reservoir. This (for most systems) results in thousands of litres of water being pumped and allows the farmers and rural areasí crops to grow, for example.

Take a look at what Kestrel has to offer our clients to get the most out of their water pumping solutions:

What Kestrel has to Offer

As shown above, one can easily tell what the ultimate benefit of water pumping is Ė the fact that thousands of litres are moved to a tank. One of the main requirements when installing a water pumping system that you need to fulfil, besides a big amount of space, is that you need to have a borehole. This is simply because the system works by pumping water out of the borehole and moves it into a reservoir or water tank.

Kestrelís system includes the following:

This system of ours allows water to be pumped in areas where there is no grid electricity available. Wind powers the wind turbine which pumps the water; and for days with no wind, the control box is there to make provision for a change over where a generator can be used to continue pumping your water.

Our water pumping system is perfect for the farming and rural communities and it pumps up to 2500 litres of water per hour! To get the best out of our system, we suggest that you take the following into account before investing in one:

As we live in a country where the wind is generally steady, investing in Kestrelís water pumping system will be very beneficial to your overall costs and your water pumping efficiency. If youíre interested and would like to find out some more information, you can give Kestrel a call on 041401 2500; or you can contact Leon Gouws directly on 041401 2562.

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