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Renewable Energy still in Demand

Date: 9 November 2015

This year, we went through many months of load shedding. Just as we all were told it was a long term plan and many people invested in inverters and other alternate energy solutions, it suddenly stopped.

While there doesnít seem to be any more plans for load shedding in the foreseeable future, investing in renewable energy solutions will still benefit you. The cost of electricity is always increasing (and by large percentages) and many of our power stations havenít experienced maintenance over the past 20 years, which results in faults and in a lot of our substations tripping.

This is where Kestrel steps in to help you. Renewable energy is a market that is rapidly growing in South Africa; and not just because of load shedding, but also because of the money it could end up saving you in the long run.

Renewable Energy that Kestrel has to Offer

The main benefit of investing in renewable energy is that it would mean youíre never without power. Kestrel specialises in wind turbines, which offer the best in renewable energy solutions Ė and luckily we live in a country that has sufficient amounts of sunshine and wind to make these solutions effective. We also offer solar and water pumping solutions so that our clients have the option to have the full package.

At Kestrel, weíre able to sell and install our products to run power in household, agricultural, corporate and even telecommunications areas.

Usually for household and commercial use, we would recommend the grid tie system, where your renewable energy source is still connected to the grid power system and it actually supplements your grid power Ė saving you money. Of course, your home can run entirely off wind turbine power and solar panels; but itís important to note that it will be more costly and it also takes factors into account such as the position of your home.

When the only power supply comes from wind turbines and solar panels, that is what we call off-grid. This solution is often used for rural and farm areas where the land is vast, however, in recent months we have seen an increase in the demand for this solution in household and commercial areas. The power generated from Kestrelís wind turbines provides reliable power and it reduces your monthly costs too!

If youíre looking at getting a renewable energy solution to beat power cable faults and hiked electricity prices, then contact us today so that we can come up with a solution for your home, company or agricultural land.

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