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Kestrel installs its first Small Scale Embedded Generation System

Date: 29 April 2015

One of Kestrel’s latest installation projects was a first for Kestrel as they installed their first SSEG (Small Scale Embedded Generation) system here in the Eastern Cape.

These systems allow for “reverse metering” – which consists of a system whereby the owners feed their own energy into the grid and use it to the maximum at their own disposal. For example, at night or at times when the demand for electricity is increased, owners can use this “stored” energy.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality was the first municipality to allow this “reverse metering” system in the billing of electricity; and now residents of Nelson Mandela Bay with this system can generate their own electricity to the maximum of 100kw system size.

Kestrel installed the SSEG system at the farm of Mr Niell Knott and the system comprised of 16x250 watt solar panels and a 5kw grid tie inventor. These solar panels generate around 24000 watts per day that is feedback on the grid. This power is either used by the owner or returned to the grid; and the energy that is returned results in the electricity meter reversing and building up credit.

Over the period of one month, Mr Knott already built up an exceptional amount of electricity, proving that this installation was not only successful, but economical too.

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