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Kestrelís Water Pumping Project Helps Locals

Date: 13 November 2014

Just over a year ago here at Kestrel, we proudly announced that we were taking on another innovative solution for water pumping. This consisted of providing valuable and cost-effective renewable energy to small scale solutions.

Last month, Kestrel took part in helping the locals in rural Eastern Cape communities by providing them with much-needed, clean drinking water. The locals did not have easy access to water and there was a big initiative to solving this issue for the locals.

A while ago, the locals living in these communities got their water from windmills and pumping water by hand. They also had to carry their bucket loads of water across very far distances. After that, they tried out a new project whereby water trucks were used to transport water to the local reservoirs. This did help; however, it proved to be too expensive in the long run.

Kestrel and Grundfos South Africa came to the rescue and the combination of their wind turbines and SQflex water pumps, respectively, will allow water to be pumped to the local water tanks Ė giving the locals easy access to clean drinking water.

We decided to do more than just help the locals get access to clean water; we got them involved in the project too! This way, we were able to show them exactly what we were doing while teaching them the importance of conserving the system. By inviting the locals to take part, we got them actively involved in something that not only teaches them, but also benefits them and their lives in the community.

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