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The wind water-pump revolution

Date: 9 October 2013

Kestrel Renewable Energy is proud to announce another innovative solution for water pumping. Kestrel has developed a new small water pumping solution designed for small scale usage.

While our existing water pumping solution has received excellent feedback over the years from various quarters, there has been an increasing demand for a small scale solution to meet a diverse set of needs that include water supply for rural schools to supplying water to animals.

This is a rugged solution capable of delivering up to 6000 litres of water per day1. The turbine is designed as a Class II turbine and can withstand winds of up to 59.5 m/s (214 km/hour) and includes a patented pitch control that both protects the turbine and continues to deliver water under high wind conditions.

This cost effective design uses electricity generated by wind rather than a mechanical solution and includes an electric pump that is placed in the borehole. It can be placed where wind availability can be maximized and not over the bore hole as in the traditional solution. The turbine can, however, also be fitted to an existing wind pump lattice tower with an adaptor in order to save costs. It will efficiently deliver water from a wind speed as low as 2.5 m/s2.

Alex Hofmeyr, National Sales Manager at Kestrel commented “our designs are focused on customer needs and we specialise in customising solutions to specific requirements, this small water pumping solution is a testament to our commitment to our customers. The cost of this wind turbine water pumping solution is lower than the mechanical wind pump and none of the traditional maintenance or monitoring is required.”

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1 = Values subject to environmental and atmospheric condition. Output can vary.

2 = Dependant system configuration

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