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Renewable Energy is One Solution for Combating the Looming Energy Crisis in Africa

Date: 2 October 2008

Experts on energy efficiency have noted that countries need to look beyond traditional mechanisms for obtaining electricity supply and delve into the natural resources available within the respective African countries as these renewable energy resources may be one solution that could rectify the energy shortages experienced by countries across the African continent.

Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency is important as this initiative will reduce the negative economic, social and environmental impacts of energy production and consumption in Africa. Currently, renewable energy contributes relatively little to primary energy and even less to the consumption of commercial energy. Renewable Energy Sources offer sustainable energy and a cleaner environment, creating the pillars for sustainable development and an improved quality of life for the continent. An Energy Solutions for Africa Conference and Exhibition hosted by Siyenza Management will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, South Africa from the 28th- 29th of January 2009. The conference aims to be a platform to showcase opportunities with one of the selected topics aimed at highlighting the potential advantages for renewable energy resources as a contributor towards improving energy efficiency.

“Due to the fact that the continent has become a gold mine for renewable energy owing to the abundant solar, water and wind resources available, it is evident that this alternative may be a solution that could increase energy capacity and reduce energy shortages across the continent. The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss these solutions by examining our resources available on the African continent and also for the representatives from the respective countries across the African continent to debate on the viability of renewable energy as a possible option that could be an alternative for alleviating the continents energy shortages. ” says Liz Hart, Managing Director of Siyenza Management.

Africa has tremendous potential with many renewable energy resources available across the continent. The large coastline makes it an ideal designation for Geothermal Power and Wind Power. Wave Power resources are abundant and grossly underutilized in the north and south of the African continent. Geothermal Power has potential to provide considerable amounts of energy in many eastern African countries. Geothermal power is mostly concentrated in eastern Africa, but there are many fragmented spots of high intensity geothermal potential spread across the continent. There is enormous potential for geothermal energy in the Great Rift Valley which is roughly 3,700 miles in length and spans several countries in East Africa including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. Currently there are projects being planned in South Africa to implement the use of a wind farm. Construction of Wind farms in South Africa signifies the potential for wind generated power in Africa and are planned for west coast and north of Cape Town in South Africa.

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