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Kestrel Changes the Names of the K600, K800, K1000 and K3000

Date: 28 August 2007

Kestrel’s roll out of a new look is well underway. And in line with the revamp and realignment of the company is a new website to better support new functions in the company as well as new names for the products. Kestrel is dropping the “K” and power rating from their wind turbine ranges. The “k” for Kestrel is becoming an “e” for Eveready and the power rating standardised at 12.5m/s (for the moment) is being dropped, as it looks like there will be different standards soon. Instead of the power rating which changes with wind speed Kestrel has standardised each different turbine by the diameter of the blade in centimetres.

The old K600 is the new e150 which still has the same quality and output. The old K800 is the new e220 which still has the same quality and output with an upgraded pitch control system. The old K1000 is the new e300i which still has the same quality; however the new pitch control system qualifies it to be included in the ‘intelligent’ generation of Kestrel wind turbines. The more efficient and quieter system has a higher output and greater reliability. The all new K3000 is still in development and due to the continuous development at Kestrel has already been renamed the new e380i, which is subject to the same quality standards and levels of excellence as the other models in the range.

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