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Renewable Energy for Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Date: 26 June 2007 In a major bid potentially worth billions of Rands, to provide Renewable Energy for the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay, the Municipality initiated an innovative process, and in so doing took the lead in providing alternative energy sources in South Africa.
Going Green at the Office Date: 7 June 2007 By: Lisa Takeuchi Cullen We can compost and conserve all we want at home. But as soon as we hit the office, we turn into triplicate-printing, paper-cup-squashing, run-our-computers-all-night-so-the-boss-thinks-we re-working earth befoul-ers.
Sales soar to new heights for wind turbine systems Date: 4 June 2007 By: Susan Chaityn Lebovits Electricity costs prompt homeowners to take new look at alternative energy
Turbine Turbulence: How to Fix U.S. Wind Power Date: 17 May 2007 It s simple, free and always on. So why is the U.S. more than 2 million times below its potential output for one of the most popular alternative-energy sources in the world? explores 3 obstacles — and how to beat them By Tyghe Trimble
The Difference between Wind Power and Wind Energy Date: 11 May 2007 People are talking about wind power and renewable energy, interested in the facts and the myths.
Kestrel attends African Power Congress
Kestrel attends African Power Congress Date: 17 April 2007 Let us talk problems. Global warming has become the most important topic that has already started affecting everyone’s life including the climatic changes that are most visible.
Global warming action urgent Date: 29 March 2007 By Guy Rogers Veteran ANC MP Judy Chalmers, from Port Elizabeth, has called for four urgent measures to be taken to counter global warming.
On the Front Lines of Climate Change Date: 29 March 2007 Mark Hertsgaard
Underwater Wind Turbines Tap River Energy Date: 29 March 2007 A new approach to renewable energy could harvest clean electric power from rivers By Erik Sofge
What Now for our Feverish Planet? Date: 29 March 2007 Jeffrey Kluger
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