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Getting Savvy about Standby Power Date: 16 October 2007 Ever wonder how much electricity your household appliances use when they re supposed to be OFF? The new "vampire" mode of modern living.
51 Things we can do to Save the Environment Date: 10 October 2007 Number 33. Rearrange the Heavens and Earth to number 42. Pay your Carbon Sins
51 Things we can do to Save the Environment Date: 30 September 2007 Number 22. Skip the Steak to number 32. Kill the Lights at Quitting Time
Carbon Credit Trading Debuts on Brazil Stock Exchange Date: 28 September 2007 A Dutch-Belgian bank paid 13 million (US$18.5 million) for carbon credits yesterday in what the Brazilian bourse called the first such auction on a regulated exchange.
The Other Inconvenient Truth Date: 28 September 2007 At the current juncture in human history there is, thus, another inconvenient truth: some two-billion people have no access to commercial forms of energy, while a further billion have only tenuous supply, which is constraining their ability to emerge from poverty.
Re-engineering the Planet Date: 28 September 2007 As the war on global warming heats up, some scientists argue that meddling with the environment might be the only way to save it.
Can a Home Wind Turbine Make Money? Date: 23 September 2007 Household windmills are becoming quite the fashion, apparently, but can they make money?
Recycling Wind Turbines Date: 18 September 2007 Science Daily The development of wind power promises much in terms of providing us with renewable energy for the future and wind turbines could be the most effective way to harness that power.
51 Things we can do to Save the Environment Date: 15 September 2007 Number 12. Capture the Carbon to number 21. Cozy up to your Water Heater
51 Things we can do to Save the Environment Date: 1 September 2007 Number 1. Turn Food into Fuel to number 11. Take Another Look at Vintage Clothes
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