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Kestrel Renewable Energy Installations

Installations by region:
Lesotho Mines ProjectLesotho,
Lesotho Mines Project Region: Lesotho, An e300i-1kW (48V) battery charging system, including a charge controller, divert resistor, tower and batteries
The British Telecommunications ProjectUnited Kingdom, Cumbria
The British Telecommunications Project Region: United Kingdom, Cumbria Telecommunication devices are necessary in today's world, however the power used by telecoms devices can be replaced with a renewable source
Chemin de Magrignac, Limoux, FranceFrance, Limoux
Chemin de Magrignac, Limoux, France Region: France, Limoux Businesses are being forced to take responsibility for the energy used in their daily operations. Also, as consumers get more conscious of the resource footprint (the amount of earth’s resources, including electricity, used in the production of a good or service) of products. Products and businesses that display a green conscience are gaining more consumer favours than the dark, eco-unfriendly businesses.
The Ting Kok Water Works ProjectChina, Hong Kong,
The Ting Kok Water Works Project Region: China, Hong Kong, One Kestrel e150 wind turbine mounted on a fence with a charge controller, batteries and a divert resistor.
The Tai Tam Reservoir ProjectChina, Hong Kong,
The Tai Tam Reservoir Project Region: China, Hong Kong, Tai Tam Country Park, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, China. The Tai Tam Reservoir also known as Tai Tam Reservoir Group is a group of reservoirs located in the Tai Tam Country Park. The group consists of the Tai Tam Upper Reservoir, Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir, Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir and the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir. The planning and building began in 1872 and completed in 1888. The four reservoirs have a total storage capacity of 6.2 million cubic metres. Due to its age and location the Tai Tam Reservoir is not connected to the grid, however modern reservoir monitoring systems rely on electricity. Being a country park the area is environmentally sensitive and is not suited to the inclusion of carbon-based energy. The Kestrel e220 small wind turbine was installed to provide the necessary energy to monitor the reservoir operations.
The Sau Mau Ping School ProjectChina, Hong Kong,
The Sau Mau Ping School Project Region: China, Hong Kong, One Kestrel e150 wind turbine mounted on a top floor wall on the school building with a charge controller, an inverter, a 12V fan, a LED clock, a 12V light and a divert resistor as well as a 50W spot light to highlight the installation.
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