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Standard Dump Controller

The Kestrel Standard Dump Controller disconnects from the battery at final voltage. An internal jumper programmes the output voltage.

The Kestrel Standard Dump Controller transfers the wind turbine output from the battery to the Kestrel Divert Resistor when the user terminal voltage is achieved. The regulator exhibits zero transfer switching time with no disturbance. In addition a programmable timer facilitates a delay of 30s, 1min or 2min to eliminate on/off cycling. Wiring is simple, two wires in from the turbine and two wires out to the battery

The Kestrel Standard Dump Controller complies with EMC requirements.

Note that the enclosure may vary from the image shown

Technical Specifications of Divert Regulator

Rated Power


100% duty cycle



Natural convection no break load Divert

Input Voltage


12V(0-40), 24V(0-60), 48V(0-100)

Input Current


12V(50-60A), 24V(25-30A), 48V(15-20A)



96% at 5A, 97% at 40A

Output Voltage


14V, 28V, 42V, 56V user adjustable set point

Output Current


12V-60A, 24V-30A, 48V-20A (all via blocking diode)

Power Control


Silent electronic zero transfer time



Internal Run/charge (Green) and Divert (Amber)

Dynamic speed control

continuous loading by battery or Divert load



Indoor mounting steel enclosure

*Specifications may vary with continuing development and innovation

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