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Charge Controller, Regulators and DC/AC Inverters

Any wind turbine produces uncontrolled power that varies with incident wind speed. The open circuit generator voltage is directly proportional to generator speed (rpm). Some form of regulator must control this “raw power”. A battery charging regulator is often referred to as a charge controller.

A charge controller is required for the Kestrel to charge a battery. Kestrel can supply a standard charge controller for Kestrel wind turbine. A suitable diversion resistor is also available from Kestrel.

An inverter can be connected to the battery and is used to convert the battery dc (direct current) power to ac power. An inverter therefore allows the use of standard electrical equipment that works on ac voltage.

Grid Tie Inverter

The 200Vdc versions of the Kestrel wind turbines are suitable for connection to an approved SMA Grid Tie Inverter. Grid Tie installation is subject to local electrical codes of practice and is usually carried out by qualified personnel. Prior approval from the local utility company must be obtained before connection to the mains.

Voltage Limiter

Grid tied applications require a Voltage Limiter to be connected between the Kestrel wind turbine (200Vdc version) and the Grid Tie Inverter. Certain operating modes of the inverter allow the Kestrel output voltage to rise beyond the limit of the inverter. The Kestrel Voltage Limiter will restrict the rise in voltage as the inverter performs various functions. Refer to the manual provided with the Kestrel Voltage Limiter.

*Specifications may vary with continuing development and innovation.

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