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Dependable off-grid systems are essential for surviving without a utility company as your electricity provider. Kestrel offers effective systems that generate reliable power, reduce costs and minimize inconvenience.

The Kestrel Off-Grid System provides reliable power from the wind and/or sun which is stored in batteries. A charge controller ensures that the batteries are charged correctly and helps prolong their life by protecting them from overcharging or from being completely drained. When the battery bank becomes full, the charge controller will dissipate the incoming energy to a divert resistor. An inverter provides utility-graded electricity.

The Kestrel Off-Grid System is available for the complete Kestrel wind turbine range, including e160i (600W), e230i (800W), e300i (1000W) and e400n (3500W) system sizing.


Renewable energy systems may be connected to the electricity distribution system (the grid). The Kestrel Grid Connected System reduces consumption of utility-supplied electricity. When the system cannot deliver the amount of energy required, the default power will be supplied via grid power. Excess electricity produced is fed back into the grid. In synchronising with the grid, the need for electricity storage devices, e.g. batteries, are eliminated.

In order to connect in parallel to the existing supply, a grid tie inverter is used to synchronise the varying voltage from the Kestrel system to stabilise grid supply. The grid tie inverter is individually programmed to optimise the amount of power exported to the grid using complex algorithms.

Due to legislation, the grid tie inverter may not operate during a grid failure. In order to maintain the power supply when grid failure occurs, a battery back-up can be considered. In an emergency the grid tie inverter disconnects and the back-up system instantly changes the supply from grid to the battery bank, supplying electricity when the utility company fails.

The Kestrel Off-Grid System is available for the complete Kestrel wind turbine range, including e160i (600W), e230i (800W), e300i (1000W) and e400n (3500W) system sizing.


The Kestrel Water Pumping System is a cost effective and versatile option for pumping water in areas where grid electricity is not available. Kestrel offers water pumping systems powered by solar, wind or a combination of both.

Kestrel Water Pumping Systems use electricity generated by renewable energy sources, allowing it to deliver up to twice the water volume, rather than a tradition mechanical windmill. While mechanical windmills are placed directly above the well, in a design where wind is the preferred resource, the Kestrel Water Pumping System can be placed where the wind resource is maximised.

The Kestrel Water Pumping System provides efficient water delivery from a wind speed of 3m/s. The pump controller optimises the available energy. No additional controller/rectifier system is required as the Kestrel system output produces dc current. The Kestrel Water Pumping System is available for use with the Kestrel e300i 1kW turbine.


Eveready-Kestrel Telecommunications systems use a multiple power source hybrid solution to create energy efficient autonomous base stations.

Multiple Power Source Hybrid Systems use customised technology to maximise efficiency and output. Multiple power sources are advantageous in off-grid systems as it increase reliability, many telecommunications sites utilising this system have a zero failure rating and are completely autonomous. The key to the system is a patented regulation system, the Kestrel Voltage Limiter. The Voltage Limiter allows for the wind turbine to be fully integrated into a system and maximise efficiency by standardising equipment in the system.

Other patented technologies in the Kestrel system include a passive pitch control system that eliminated over-speeding with no cut-out or shutdown.

Output is maximised for all wind regimes and the identifiable aerofoil blade system enhances energy capture, low wind performance and the cut-in wind speed. The generator also incorporates axial flux technology for better thermal management and higher output efficiency.

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