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Grid connected systems

The Eveready-Kestrel grid connect system allows the user to exploit both the available renewable energy sources as well as the benefits of the standard electrical grid and eliminating the expense of electricity storage devices.

The Eveready-Kestrel grid connect system has the following key features:

  1. A unique grid tie inverter is used to synchronise the varying voltage from renewable resources to a stable grid supply.
  2. Sophisticated algorithms ensure that the renewable energy generated is optimally used.
  3. The grid tie inverter ensures network safety even if the grid fails or becomes unstable.
  4. The ability to feed back excess energy into the grid.
  5. The grid connect system can also be connected to a battery back-up in the case that the grid itself fails and operates as a back-up system.

The Eveready-Kestrel grid connect system has a wide range of potential uses from:

The Eveready-kestrel grid connection system is currently being used to provide energy to households, back-up to computer systems, supplement power to corporate head offices and provide support to rural schools.


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