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Case Study: Kestrel Wind Power for Emergency Systems

Kestrel e300 (1kW) at high altitude Kestrel e300 (1kW) at high altitude Kestrel on lattice tower Kestrel on lattice tower Installer: CMS Radio Communications Installer: CMS Radio Communications

The Lesotho Mines Project


Mining occurs where the land is mineral rich and often mining projects end up in very inhospitable areas. Lesotho diamonds are unique because of their prevalence and quality. However, these sites are inaccessible to traditional power sources and so, small wind turbines are able to replace noisy and polluting generators or costly cables needed to accommodate the tower's power requirements.

Small wind turbines yield energy autonomously of the national power grid, giving planners more flexibility in placing towers and repeaters. They are also low maintenance and adaptable to site requirements. System installations are guarded and kept safe by enclosures.


Provide adaptable and renewable power for emergency radio and communication systems.

Installation Description:

An e300i-1kW (48V) battery charging system, including a charge controller, divert resistor, tower and batteries.

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