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Case Study: Off-grid Power Infrastructural Development

100% Power for Areas not Serviced by the National Grid

Head Offices, Al Najaf,
Iraq, Middle East

The Middle East, much like the rest of the world is suffering from a lack of electricity generating capacity. Although Iraq has seen a massive 1,420 MW of capacity added and increased consistency of power supply to 1.3 million homes, and added another 372000 homes to the national grid, the average home only receives power for 12.2 hours every week (6.6 hours per week in Baghdad. 500MW of generating capacity is still required to get access levels to 12 hours every week across the board. Many homes remain without power.

Wind Installation Description:

One Kestrel e300 (110V) MPPT Battery-Charging system with Voltage Limiter, Outback MX60, Battery Bank and Tower.

Installed by:

Raban Al-Safina Group

Offices in Baghdad, Najaf, Basrah, Dubai, Al-Amara , Italy, Romania, Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and India (Head office in Dubai).

They are the pioneers in introducing environmental friendly energy in Iraq, that helps reduce the load on the national electricity grid and conserve energy, making each installation environmentally-friendly. They have successfully supplied and installed 5,000 systems of solar street lights to the Ministry of Electricity, Iraq and have recently diversified into wind.

Their systems include

a. Solar Street Lights and Traffic System

b. Solar Water Pumps working on Solar Energy.

c. Water Heaters working on Solar Energy

d. Off-grid Wind Systems for Construction and Home Living

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