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Case Study: Kestrel Power for Home Living

100% Home Power supplied in Hybrid System

Nieu Bethesda,
Eastern Cape, South Africa

Near Nieu Bethesda, Eastern Cape in a mountainous area, 2000m above sea level. The turbine together with 640W of PV Solar Panels, a battery bank and 3kW inverter power all the electrical needs for a family all year long. Excess energy generated by the PV solar modules and wind turbine is channeled via the inverter to the solar geyser's element for hot water all year round. Bad weather and snow is common in winter, but this is when the wind turbine helps tremendously to keep the batteries charged. Since installing it 10 months ago, the standby engine has not been used, thus saving on fossil fuels and COČ emissions.

Wind Installation Description:

One Kestrel e220 (48V) wind turbine with a charge controller system regulator, a divert resistor, a guyed tower system and batteries installed by Telecom Techniques.

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