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Case Study: Kestrel Wind Turbines as an Educational Tool in a Business Environment

Ting Kok Road's Geographical location Ting Kok Road's Geographical location e150 at the Ting Kok Water Works e150 at the Ting Kok Water Works e150 at the Ting Kok Water Works e150 at the Ting Kok Water Works

The Ting Kok Water Works Project

Ting Kok Road
New Territories
Hong Kong, China

The Hong Kong Water Supplies Department receives a substantial number of requests for visits to water treatment works throughout the year, with the majority of visitors being primary and secondary schools students. The Water Supplies Department welcomes these visits during which visitors may be educated on water supply in Hong Kong. The Water Supplies Department strives to educate visitors on water treatment processes and the provision of a holistic water supply whilst minimising the environmental impact and degradation. In line with environmental protection policies the Water Supplies Department has installed a Kestrel e150 small wind turbine at the Ting Kok Fresh Water Header Tank.

Installation Date:  October 2005

Educate water works visitors whilst demonstrating the Water Supplies Departmentís commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Installation Description:
One Kestrel e150 wind turbine mounted on a fence with a charge controller, batteries and a divert resistor.

Distributor:  Resources and Protection Technology Limited (RPT), Hong Kong

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