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Eveready-Kestrel Inverter

The Eveready-Kestrel inverter is our newest product on the market.

Our inverter powers your lights and your low drain devices such as your TV, laptops and even your Wi-Fi – giving you the upper-hand when it comes to load shedding.

We provide 2 different package options to our customers:

  1. The first package consists of a 720 Watt inverter and 100AH battery for R 5 870. Included in this price are 5 LED downlights.
  2. The second package consists of a 720 Watt inverter and 200AH battery for R7 865. This price also includes 5 LED downlights.

To use our inverter, all you need to do is plug your devices into the inverter’s 220V AC plugs. As it runs off battery power, the inverter will need to be charged now and then. The fact that it runs off battery power means you won’t have to end up spending extra cash on petrol to power it; as you would have to with a generator.

Enclosed in a plastic casing, the inverter also has wheels – making it easy to wheel in and out of storage. An added benefit is that the inverter is completely silent compared to the noisy generator.

*Please note that the inverter does not power high drain devices such as heaters, microwaves and kettles.



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