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Off-Grid systems solutions

Where an electricity provider is not available or avoided, the Eveready-Kestrel off-grid solution provides
the ability to generate reliable power, reduce cost and minimize inconvenience.

The Eveready-Kestrel off-grid solution has 3 elements:

  1. Power generation through the unique Eveready-Kestrel wind turbine and combined in hybrid systems with a solar panel.
  2. A battery bank used to store electricity for periods of lower power generation.
  3. A power management system which protects and manages the devices while providing stable electricity as required.

These systems have recommended maintenance guides and a service team is available to assist with installations and any concerns.

The Eveready-Kestrel off-grid solution provides energy solutions from stand alone household lighting to off-grid power for rural communities.

Wind turbine options range from 600w, 800w, 1kW and 3kW systems. It is also available with maximum power point tracking charge controllers (MPPT).


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